Tea Goodies & Gifts For Students!

Where did summer go?! Your students are off to start another year in the classroom, especially for those facing major milestones like going into high school and college. It’s especially hard for college students since many of them are going out on their own and into the adult world for the first time, moving out of their parents’ houses and into their own place.

For the college student in your life, send them some goodies and gifts with them when they head out. Try a tea for one set. It is small, so it’s perfect for the dorm room and it can serve you a few good cups of tea. In order to prepare your tea in the tea for one set, simply add your loose leaf tea or tea bag and pour hot water into the pot. Depending on the steep time, you’ll have your little pot of tea in minutes! Now you’re ready for studying! Don’t forget to pack a kettle!

“But wait, I don’t have any tea!” The student says. Not to fear. You can always send them off with a box of their favorite tea, which could be a familiar British favorite or a recently-tried-over-the-summer one like butterfly pea. “But how do I brew loose tea leaves? What do I use to brew it?” Simple! Our filters, strainers, and infusers fulfill the need for every tea-loving student, ranging from drawstring teabags to an Empress Tea Strainer.

However, it’s not just tea you can send with your students! If they ask for some goodies, send a care package and add some British goodies like Cadbury chocolate and their favorite British biscuit, that’s if they are adventurous and want to try some Digestives. Perhaps they are fans of British cooking and happen to love Branston or Heinz Baked Beans.  Send several tins of beans and jars in a care package (be sure to get one of those flat rate boxes from the post office, though. It will save you a LOT of money on postage).

Add some of their other favorite treats and a specially written note. Messages from home are always important, reminding your loved one how much you think of them. And it doesn’t have to come from Mom and/or Dad. Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles are just as loving and tend to spoil their family member a little bit more. I should know, I’m speaking from my own experiences as an aunt who lives across the country from her nieces and nephews!




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