Best British Holiday Sweets!

Thinking of what to get the candy lover in your life for Christmas or just need something new to try? Why not try British candy? The UK is one of the best countries in the world for holiday sweets. There is never a shortage of

Chocolate Orange – A  big hit in the UK (quite literally), it’s not Christmas without a chocolate orange! Usually found in Christmas stockings, chocolate oranges are as fun to eat as it is to receive them. Each “orange” is flavored with orange oil and even wrapped in foil reminiscent of an orange peel. The fun part is where you get to whack it, unwrap it, and eat it in segments like a real orange! Great for sharing or keeping all to yourself. For some to enjoy for yourself, try a snack size version. You may not get to whack it on anything but the taste is just as delightful!

Fudge  – Growing up, my aunt made the best tasting fudge in the world. Unfortunately, my mom, who was her sister, always gave us one tiny piece and hoarded the rest for herself. As a kid, I thought it was unfair, but now looking at it as an adult, I realize that my mom ultimately deserved the fudge as she was always doing so much for us and needed a treat. Years later, knowing that I cannot replicate my aunt’s fudge, the next best thing to do is to purchase it. That’s where fudge from the UK comes in. A majority of it is made with clotted cream making it extra rich and creamy. Some have a little alcohol added, as is the case for Irish Whiskey fudge.

Mint Cake – As an American, when I first heard of a mint cake, I thought of them as a baked cake flavored with mint. Turns out that they are much like York Peppermint Patties, only the original one doesn’t have chocolate. Mint Cakes were created when a man named Joseph Wiper made them on accident while trying to make another type of sweet. Now, before you say no thanks to this minty treat, there is a chocolate covered one for those who like to balance flavor.

Chocolate Tubs – One of the best things the UK looks forward to are the chocolate tubs. While the selections have changed over the years, there are still millions being sold each year. The most popular chocolate tubs are Nestle’s Quality Street and Cadbury’s Roses. The best part is that you get to reuse the tub over and over again! The hardest part is eating all the favorites first and the least favorites last!

Matchmakers  – A holiday treat that has stood the test of time. Nestle’s Matchmakers . They were much smaller in the very beginning but now they have actually increased in length since 1968! Chocolatey sticks with little bits of crunchy mint pieces. They make a nice spread but watch out for them! They’ll be gone at the light of a match!

Turkish Delight-I first heard of Turkish Delight when I watched a certain movie about a lion, witch, and a wardrobe. When I saw these powdery squares, I knew I had to try them! Turkish Delights are another popular holiday candy. Turkish Delights are jelly sweets, usually flavored with rose or lemon (yes, you heard me, rose!) and dusted generously with powdered sugar and cornstarch. During the rest of the year, they can be found with the regular candy bars. Fry’s makes a chocolate covered version that is quite addictive as its normal counterpart!

So sit back, relax, binge watch some Christmas movies or TV specials, and enjoy some British Christmas candy. Hopefully your holidays are a safe and a happy one!

One thought on “Best British Holiday Sweets!

  1. Graham Ashby

    Personal favourite as a kid were Selection Boxes, probably Cadbury (although there days, I tend toward Galaxy. And there’s always some sort of game on the back,

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