New Year’s Resolutions: Tea Edition!

With the New Year just a few days away, many of us begin to make New Year’s Resolutions to help ourselves become better people. Sometimes resolutions involve better yourself inside or outside. When you make a resolution with tea, you’re helping yourself both inside and out. Here are a few resolutions involving tea for everyone ranging from veteran tea drinker to beginner:

Drink more tea – I think that there is no such thing as too much tea. Sometimes a cup a day helps but it’s an even bigger bonus if you drink 2 or 3 cups per day! Tea is relaxing and calming so it would definitely boost your mood in addition to keeping you hydrated. Plus, it also helps add a healthy glow to your skin!

Drink less caffeine – Some people like to challenge themselves and see if they could go a certain period of time without or with less caffeine. If you decide to cut your caffeine intake this New Year’s, start with decaf or herbal. You can get the added benefits of tea without all the caffeine.

Start drinking tea – If you’re a new tea drinker or returning to tea after a long absence from drinking it, it’s never too late! Start off with your familiar favorite or a new tea.

Try new teas – It can be nice to step out of your comfort zone once in a while. Apart from the standard black teas, try to expand your horizons beyond it. Start with any tea of your choice, such as green tea or go for the gold…or silver. Try something exotic like Peony White Silver Needle tea or Darjeeling White Tips. If you would much rather go for something more common, you can try chai or even a new brand of tea that’s different from your regular brand.

Be more environmentally conscious – Believe it or not, tea is an environmentally friendly beverage. When tea leaves are grown, the plant isn’t pulled out of the ground by its roots but rather picked. Once picked, it gives more room for the tea to grow new leaves. Where there are more leaves, there’s more tea. You can also use less teabags and go for loose leaf. Loose leaf teas can be brewed without the use of paper. Try a tea infuser or a strainer. You can also add used tea leaves to your garden compost or bury it and use it as plant food.

Can you think of any new year’s resolutions involving tea? Let us know on our Facebook page or here in the comments!


Have a safe and happy 2019!



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