Valentine’s Day Treats 💝

Valentine’s Day can be the bane of someone’s existence or it can be the highlight of a person’s year. For those who enjoy Valentine’s Day and are looking for ways to celebrate, then look no further. Today we’ll give you a few suggestions for treating your friends and family with delectable desserts and tea.

Mini heart shaped Victoria Sponge Cakes – Make mini heart shaped Victoria Sponge cakes for your guests by taking a heart shaped cookie cutter and cutting a sheet cake sized sponge cake (click here for the recipe) and sandwiching two of the hearts together with buttercream and strawberry jam.

Battenburg Cake –Make a mouthwatering Battenburg with vibrant colors, soft spongy cake held together with sweet apricot jam and heavenly marzipan. The standard Battenburg is pink and yellow but you can change the color according to the popular Valentine’s Day colors like pink, red, purple, or white (for the white, it’s best to make a white cake and cut it into rectangles)

Whoopee Pies –Make heart shaped whoopee pies using devil’s food cake mix and using a piping bag to make your heart shapes on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Once baked and cooled, spread white frosting or buttercream and sandwich these together!

More to come!


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