A Toast to You

It is said that the Egyptians were the first to make toast but the British mastered it. Toast is absolutely adored in the British Isles. So much that there are even toast restaurants in London! Meanwhile, toast has been rising in popularity in the US thanks to the avocado toast which is often associated with Millennials (which, as a Millennial myself, only have about once or twice a month depending on when avocados go on sale).  But until you can fly to the UK and find a toast restaurant, here’s how you can enjoy your toast British style:

Beans on toast

Some people may love it while others hate it, beans on toast are a classic British combination. Heinz baked beans are best known for being used on toast as it has a rich tomato sauce so it’s perfect for mopping up any sauce. Sometimes beans on toast are eaten entirely as a meal since it’s so filling!

Toast and tea

While some prefer beans on toast, others prefer a simple piece of toast with a cup of tea. Some simply butter their toast, others put jam, and some brave souls put Marmite

Toast sandwich

Yes, there is a toast sandwich, believe it or not! It’s two slices of toast with a slice of untoasted bread in the middle with butter, salt, and pepper. 

As for the types of bread used to make toast, Brits use regular white, wholemeal (wholegrain), granary (threshed grain), or malted. British bread is much more different than American bread. It has a shorter shelf life as it does not contain the preservatives American bread has. British bread is also less sweet whereas American bread companies tend to add a lot of sugar to their bread. To get a similar type of bread in the US, one must (unfortunately) make it at home. As of this writing, yours truly is currently developing a similar bread recipe which we will share once it is ready.


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