The Christmas Shop is Open!

Our Christmas shop is open for the season! Prepare for the holiday season and get ahead of your Christmas shopping by getting your Christmas goodies and tea now! Here’s what’s in store for the 2021 holiday season:

Christmas candy is the most popular category in Christmas. Even if the recipient doesn’t like chocolate, there’s still something for everyone. We carry sweets like Jelly Babies and chocolate selection boxes for an easy stocking stuffer. We also carry vegan sweets like Candy Kittens and Mrs. Tilly’s Belgian Chocolate Fudge.

Although mince pies are still unfamiliar to Americans who know it as one big, (according to my family) disgusting pie, they’re still beloved in the British Isles. Bite sized, flaky pastry filled with plump, juicy raisins and bits of peel fill your mouth with joy in each bite. Once you’ve eaten one, mince pies are hard to avoid until Christmas, so get more than one box if you can! Don’t forget the brandy butter!

And who says advent calendars are for kids? There are advent calendars of wine, makeup, and even cheese! Yes, there are cheese advent calendars! So, naturally, there has to be one for tea. The good news is that there is! The Adagio Tea Advent Calendar has 24 festive teas behind each little door, enough to make an 8 ounce pot of tea! This advent calendar is perfect for the tea lover in your life or simply get one for yourself and brew your way to Christmas!

This is just some of our wide selection. Stay tuned for more Christmas gift ideas!


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