New Holiday Teas!

For years there have been classic signature tea blends like Swiss Hot Chocolate, Holiday Spice, and Vienna Egg Nog to mark the holiday season but now some new teas have come to the English Tea Store. Try some of these teas and make a new tradition today!

Let Candy Cane Burst become a Christmas classic with this blend of black tea, peppermint, and sweet candy cane pieces. One sip and you’ll feel the Christmas spirit surging right through you!

Santa’s Milk and Cookies Tea is exactly what you think it is. A tea that tastes like cookies? Yes, you heard that correctly! This black tea blend of sumac berries, cornflower, safflower, and red plum petals is so delicious it will be hard to leave some for Santa!

Speaking of cookies, our German Gingerbread flavored tea is inspired by the German lebkuchen cookies which are famously sold at Christmas markets (or Weihnachtsmarkt) all over Germany. Try a cup of this spicy, chocolaty tea with a few gingerbread cookies. We recommend it with a little milk and sugar to dip your cookies in! You can also transport yourself to a European Christmas market with our Christmas Blend Black Tea. This festive tea is made with a high grown Ceylon tea, cloves, cinnamon, and some festive candy sprinkles. 

Check out the rest of the holiday teas from the English Tea Store along with other brands like Twinings and Stash!

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