DIY Gift Baskets

English Tea Store has always carried pre-made gift baskets. But if you have no idea what kind of gift basket to give someone or don’t see it on our website, why not make your own gift basket? Try a few of these ideas:

Bubble Tea Gift

Drinking bubble tea is an experience in itself so give it to someone who absolutely adores it!

Assam tea for basic milk tea

Ceylon tea to make Thai iced tea

Ceylon Green Tea

Tapioca Bubble Tea Balls

You may need to find things like the bubble tea pearls in a local Asian grocery store. Add instructions on how to make bubble tea. You can also add some large bubble tea straws in the local grocery store. If possible, you can also add reusable bubble tea straws to help keep plastic straws out of landfills.

The Curry Aficionado Gift

For the curry fan in your life, make a gift basket that will give them a kick of aromatic spice and deep, warm flavor.

Knorr Pot Noodles Original Curry or Bombay Bad Boy– 

Sharwoods Curry Powder– 

Tasty Bite Coconut Vegetables

Batchelor’s Curried Beans– 

Sharwood’s Thai Curry Sauce– 

The Cadbury Lover’s Dream

Give the gift of Cadbury chocolate to someone who misses the creamy texture and milky flavor of Dairy Milk

Cadbury’s Large Festive Selection Box-Each box contains 4 bars of Cadbury’s most festive chocolate bars. 

Cadbury Roses or Heroes

Cadbury Chocolate Spread

Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate

Some of these gifts can be small enough to be fit into a bowl or a mug but for the larger items or quantities, you can try using one of our empty baskets. You can use a mini wash basket for taller items or our rectangular white willow tray. You can use ribbon or plastic cellophane to wrap the basket and keep everything together.

Your homemade gift basket doesn’t have to be perfect. As long as you put your thought, time, and effort into it, that’s what makes the best gift.


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