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  • Flavor of Life

    After a long and quite interesting summer (looking at you Brood X cicadas), the fall season is finally upon us as the wind gets chillier and the leaves begin to drift quietly to the ground. Chillier weather allows for the perfect tea drinking weather. The English Tea Store has a whole new slew of autumn… Continue reading

  • Umami and Tea

    Forget for the moment that it sounds like something from a playground joke (umami’s so fat…). If you’re like me, you probably weren’t aware until relatively recently that umami is one of the five major taste types, along with sweet, sour, bitter, and salty. But it’s nothing new, as a matter of fact, having been… Continue reading

  • “Ghostly” Tea Taste and Aroma

    Not too long ago, I mentioned online that when I drink some teas, the aroma and/or taste stay with me for a day or two. It’s one reason that I tend to minimize my intake of teas with strong flavors added as well as ones that have naturally strong flavors. That “ghostly” taste and aroma… Continue reading

  • Flavor First

    There are any number of reasons why a person might choose to drink tea – unless you happen to be yours truly. Then there’s really only one reason. For many tea drinkers the appeal of Camellia sinensis, as with coffee and other beverages, is that it makes a fairly effective caffeine delivery system. I’m not… Continue reading

  • Tea Blends vs Tea Flavourings

    Or “Why is there a banana in your teacup?” In response to a recent online post soliciting feedback about a new chocolate-peanut butter “tea,” I wrote that I enjoy peanut butter cups with my tea, not in it. I was outnumbered by dozens of commenters who thought it sounded divine. Several included lists of their… Continue reading

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