“Ghostly” Tea Taste and Aroma

Not too long ago, I mentioned online that when I drink some teas, the aroma and/or taste stay with me for a day or two. It’s one reason that I tend to minimize my intake of teas with strong flavors added as well as ones that have naturally strong flavors. That “ghostly” taste and aroma can be as annoying as an itch you can’t scratch!

Lychee Congou haunts your senses!
Lychee Congou haunts your senses!

So, what are some of these teas that can haunt your tastebuds and tickle your nose for days afterwards? That will vary from person to person. My own list of specter-ish teas includes the following:

The last time I had some Lapsang Souchong, I could smell that smokiness through lunch, and even after a vigorous tooth brushing, and then through dinner and another brushing. The next day as I was drinking some wonderful Snow Dragon White Tea, it took on that smoky character. Some folks who saw my comment online said that they, too, had such apparitional tea experiences, while others said they had not.

Certainly, having the flavor and aroma of tasty teas endure can be a very good thing. The only problem is when it hangs around forever. I’m thinking that the best cure is chocolate, but it’s a theory I’ll have to test out vigorously! Let’s see — I’ll start with some semi-sweet dark and then some milk chocolate, followed up by more of that dark chocolate, and then some chocolate truffles and some…

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4 thoughts on ““Ghostly” Tea Taste and Aroma

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  4. bellingtonfarm

    I don’t know that I’ve experienced the taste lingering on for THAT long LOL, but if you think chocolate will solve a problem, I’m all for it !!! My taste buds get going when our tea vendors over-infuse tea with bergamot or other flavorings. More is NOT always better – i really do enjoy tasting the tea!

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