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  • Fascinating Tea Trivia & More

    If you’re like me, you probably spend a lot of your time sitting around and musing over the great questions of existence. Take this one, for example. What would happen if you dumped all of the world’s tea into the Great Lakes? Okay, so maybe none of us were wondering about that one. But someone… Continue reading

  • Tea Tidbits and Trivia

    And now, without any further ado, a few tea-related bits that didn’t quite merit a full article but were too good not to share. Who drinks their tea the strongest? Hard to say, but in The Little Tea Book, published in 1903 by Arthur Gray, the author noted, “In the interior of Australia all the… Continue reading

  • Iced Tea Tidbits and Trivia

    National Iced Tea Month (June) is gone, but iced tea season is still upon us. That’s especially noteworthy in the United States, where more than eighty percent of all tea consumed is iced. While we’re not known for being one of the great tea-drinking nations, our consumption of iced tea is so substantial that in… Continue reading

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