There are a number of advantages to using an electric kettle instead of a conventional stove top kettle, and some are more obvious than others. The most easily recognizable advantages of electric kettles are those associated with convenience. Since they are specifically designed for the purpose of heating water, electric kettles tend to be much more efficient than stove top Cup of Teakettles–a couple of liters can heat up in 3-4 minutes, compared with closer to 10 minutes using a range with a heating element. Additionally, an electric kettle focuses most of its energy toward heating the water, while different stove tops present a varying amount of electricity waste caused by escaping heat that doesn’t come into effective contact with the water.

In some cases, a stove top kettle is not even an option–college dorm rooms and hotel rooms are often ill-equipped to accommodate the simple pleasure of a cup of tea, and an electric kettle is a portable and extremely easy solution. Kettle Starter KitFinally, if you’re forgetful like me, you might sometimes find yourself racing across the house to silence the ear-splitting shriek of a tea kettle that has been boiling too long. Electric kettles also solve this problem by automatically shutting off when the water temperature reaches boiling–many even have a feature that prevents the kettle from boiling dry, which can result in disaster for a stove top kettle.

Though the efficiency and energy-saving auto-stop features of electric kettles make for a strong economic argument (who wouldn’t want a kettle that eventually saves enough money to pay for itself?), there are some deeper, less obvious benefits that will make even the quickest cup of tea even better. Many people are not aware that water loses its vibrancy if it is boiled for too long–over-boiled water tastes flat, and tea made with it usually won’t live up to its full flavor potential. Again, the auto-stop electric kettle feature easily remedies this problem. What’s more, many electric kettles have extra insulation to keep the water hot and prevent the need for re-boiling.

Chef's Choice Electric Kettle

Electric kettles are perhaps most indispensable to tea drinkers who love green and white teas, which require considerably cooler water to prevent incorrect brewing and unpleasant bitterness and harshness.  Taking a conventional kettle off the stove at the correct temperature can be difficult, since there is really no easy way to measure the temperature while it is inside the kettle. Boiling the water and leaving it to cool to the correct temperature is an even more difficult proposition. Luckily for green and white tea lovers, some electric kettles have been sensitively designed with the specific needs of these teas in mind. Specific temperature settings can be adjusted and the kettle’s internal thermometer provides exact measurement when it is the most crucial.

Electric kettles can be found for a variety of prices–many are even less expensive than conventional stove top kettles. Though some may prefer a less technological method of water preparation in favor of a more old fashioned aesthetic, electric kettles have become a viable, economical, and reliable option available to optimize any tea lover’s daily ritual.

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