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April 22, 2009

  • Rooibos Benefits

    While nothing compares to a delicious pot of true tea, rooibos holds a special place in my heart. Rooibos (aka redbush or rooibush), is a plant indigenous to South Africa. During World War II, when tea was in short supply, people in the United Kingdom began to drink rooibos instead. (More recently, rooibos has gained… Continue reading

  • Is English Cadbury Different Than American?

    I know it is a bit unusual to post something unrelated to tea, but I feel it’s my duty to provide some info that many people might not be aware of—English Cadbury chocolate and American Cadbury chocolate are not the same! The English Tea Store website has a great article about Cadbury’s history. Toward the… Continue reading

  • You Say Sri Lanka, Tea Drinkers Say Ceylon

    A small island nation, Sri Lanka is located off the southeastern coast of India. A former British colony, Sri Lanka was called Ceylon before it became a republic and took on a new name in 1972. For almost one hundred years before that Sri Lanka produced the commodity it’s best known for today – a… Continue reading

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