Iced Tea Brew: Make it Better!

I know you’re probably familiar with iced tea blends sold in the stores specifically to make iced tea, such as Luzianne and Lipton Cold Brew. However, did you know that you can make a much more delicious iced tea out of absolutely any tea leaves using special methods of brewing the tea? There are actually a few good methods for brewing iced tea, which I will explain in detail below. The method you choose is entirely up to you, as all of these methods will result in a great iced tea.

Flavored Black Tea

The Coffeemaker Iced Tea

Iced Tea MakerThey actually do sell electric tea makers which are nothing more than modified coffee-makers, which is one way you can brew your tea leaves quickly and easily. Brew the same way you would coffee, except replace the ground coffee beans with tea leaves in the filter. Use double the amount of tea leaves than what you would use if you were making hot tea, and once you’ve brewed the tea, simply pour it over a pitcher half full of ice cubes and you have instant and easy iced tea!

Overnight Brew Iced Tea

Using cold or room temperature water, add 2 tsp of tea per cup of water and allow it to stand in the refrigerator overnight, then strain into a second jug or pitcher in the morning or after at least 6 hours.

Simple Iced Tea

Brew up the tea on the stove using the same amount of tea you would use for hot tea, adding any sweetener you would like, then allow to cool slightly before transferring into a pitcher and allowing it to cool in the refrigerator for a couple hours. Serve over ice.

Iced Tea
Iced tea is easily one of America’s great contributions to the world of tea, and is so refreshing in the heat of summer. All of the above methods are good for making your iced tea, but remember that the resulting tea is only as high of quality as the tea leaves and water used to create the tea. Using high quality tea leaves and filtered or purified water will greatly enhance the quality of your iced tea brews.

2 thoughts on “Iced Tea Brew: Make it Better!

  1. Jennifer R Martin

    I remember when I was little my Parents would buy a box of tea leaves. They would biol water and then strain the leaves. put the tea in a pitcher and add water and surge then we would drink up. I want to know where I can buy the old fashion type.

  2. Very nice article.

    I used to work for a company that made tea makers (for hot tea) that were not very successful. However some of the iced tea makers are pretty good and work well.

    The tea you use makes a big difference, especially with iced tea. I find the standard Liptons etc to be awful, and really enjoy Uncle Lees Organic Green Tea, whichy is readily available at Walmart or online. But everyone to their own taste of course.

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