Yorkshire Gold and “The Island of Dr. Moreau”

The Island of Dr. Moreau is the fourth in a long list of novels by Herbert George Wells. Wells’ voice is as strong in this novel as in any of his earlier books — full of meaty imaginings and the kind of view into humanity that makes one wince. The story requires a stout tea-companion that pairs well with Wells’ characters and visceral storyline.

HG Wells
HG Wells

In the novel, a shipwrecked Edward Prendick journals his experiences as he’s stranded on an island with an odd sort of right-hand man and Dr. Moreau, a man of science whose sanity is questionable. But the three are not the only island inhabitants. Animal-human creatures that Prendick calls “Beast-Men” populate the the island’s ravines and shadows. How these “Beast-Men” have come to be is told best by Wells.

My personal tea recommendation for The Island of Dr. Moreau is Yorkshire Gold. It’s a solid tea, rich with body like coffee, but smooth and without bitterness. Did I mention it’s solid? One bag will deliver 6-8 cups of tea (I brew mine through a coffeepot, couldn’t be easier.)

Like Yorkshire Gold, Wells delivers a solid story. In the later stages of the book, Prendick ponders deep questions as he struggles to return to life as it was before he’d glimpsed the truth. He sees fellow man with a kind of lifted-veil , and intimates a wondering at the base of our existence. Who are we? And who are we without God?

The best way to mellow Prendick’s experience is to soften it with just those kinds of questions. And the best way to mellow Yorkshire Gold is to add a little sweetener and a touch of cream. A very British match to a very British author. Try Yorkshire Gold, and I think you’ll find the perfect companion to The Island of Dr. Moreau.

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