Tea and the Weather

by Adam Yusko

Why is it that a cup of green tea is never as refreshing on a dreary February day when you’re trapped inside a cold house, while that steaming hot cup of Assam feels oppressive in the summer heat? Don’t get me wrong, those of us that love tea will find a way to drink tea in any weather, and love it no matter what. But on a rainy afternoon at the start of fall, I can’t help but turn to a nice cup of hot tea as a way to embrace the changing seasons and prepare for the winter months drawing near.

Assam Tea

Does the weather play a role in our choice of tea? In my mind I feel that I like the teas that remind me of my favorite season, and at the same time, when I want to embrace the current season I choose teas which give me the feel of the weather outside.

Every time I taste my favorite teas, Puerh and Wuyi oolongs, I say, “yes, that is fall.” Between their roasted notes, the sweetness of root vegetables, and the hints of spices permeating through them, they just invoke that sense of fall in me. Fall is my all-time favorite season.

But come spring, when I want to embrace the freshness that is Spring, green teas come to mind. Those green teas awaken the senses and refresh my spirits after the cold winter. While a good strong cup of black tea is perfect for the middle of winter, summer is up for grabs, and I drink just about all teas in the summer. But usually during the summer I drink teas that have a nice berry scent or a good floral aroma to them, as these are the things that summer reminds me of.

The weather can help make your cup of tea perfect, while the right cup of tea can make you think for your perfect weather. So my recommendations for teas will be teas that remind you of your favorite season, or teas for the current season.

One thought on “Tea and the Weather

  1. I agree entirely! For one, I am a fan of Kyoto Cherry green tea, but I could never think of drinking it in the dead of winter. That, and most oolongs seem to me to be fall and winter teas. Neat post!

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