Tea Time at Tee Time

By A.C. Cargill

During golf season, my tea time is at tee time. This was especially true during the 4-day President’s Cup tournament just completed. Normally, I’m not one to camp out in front of the TV and take in a sporting event. No offense to the football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, and other sports fans out there. I’m just more of a classic movie fan — enjoyed with a big box of tissues (for when I’m watching the real tear-jerkers), a plateful of goodies, and a potful of Keemun tea. Golf has become the exception — or should I say the “obsession”?

Tea Time at Tee Time

I know that some people think that watching golf ranks a few levels — in terms of excitement — below watching paint dry (no offense to those who enjoy watching paint dry). I used to be one of those people, but not anymore. Now, I rank it a little closer to listening to my husband play piano (which is very high on my list of exciting things to do).

Why this change? It all started a few years back when hubby and I were flipping through channels and stopped on a golf game. It was the 18th hole of the Masters Tournament. Bob May and Tiger Woods were in a dead heat, sending them into a winner-take-all overtime round that lasted three more holes (sort of like those extra innings in baseball). Each of these men is so good at recovering from a bad shot that, even though each of them would make a shot that even I as a non-golfer would be ashamed of (in other words, pretty bad), they would end the hole under par or at par and still tied with each other. Finally, May missed the putt, landing him at par for that hole. Then, Woods putted while the entire gallery of watchers around him held their breath. The ball rolled along that fine, closely mowed grass and — plop! — dropped into the cup.

The crowd went wild, cheering this great victory, all the more so coming out of such a tight race between these two golf champions. True sportsmen, they shook hands, and Woods then headed in to claim his green jacket.

All the while this was going on, hubby and I were held spellbound, the tea growing cold in our cups, the cookies lying untouched on the plate. The thrill of the competition, the prowess of these fine athletes, the excitement of the crowd – all combined in a human drama we couldn’t resist. We held our breath as each player got ready for his next stroke. We rejoiced at their success and grimaced at each shot into the trees or a sand bunker. The putts were absolute agony, as we watched that little white ball, propelled by the putter towards the hole. We cheered each time it dropped into the cup.

Gee, this could be better than watching classic black-and-white tear-jerkers! (I can save those for when golf season is over.)

For now, I’m hooked on the game the Scots invented and that is now played around the world, including South Korea. Just saw that there’s a golf game on TV. Time to get a pot of tea and some goodies ready. (I wonder if there is such a thing as a golf tailgate party?) Of course, my DVR assures that I can go for a tea refill without missing any of the action.

Life is good. Enjoy!

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