by Adam Yusko

Twinings Tea has been a staple in my cabinet since I first became an avid tea drinker. It seems that Twinings tea has always offered a consistent quality, and a large enough variety to fit any mood. I have a fondness in my heart for Twinings, as its gotten me through many colds, sicknesses and slow mornings. There are certain tea’s we all gain a bit of an affinity for, and we should embrace them and enjoy them.

Irish Breakfast

Twinings has a great selection, but I tend to prefer their black teas, especially those which I like to call “English Classics.” Their Irish Breakfast, Earl Grey and Prince of Wales are classics in my mind. I love the fact that they offer loose leaf tea’s, but I’ve been satisfied with their teabags for comfort and quality. I know this is in bad form, but as I like my tea strong I often have no problem putting one of their teabags in a thermos of not-quite boiling water and simply leaving it until it’s finished.

That thermos trick with all its simplicity has gotten me though many sleepy mornings, colds and flu’s. It’s the comfort that Twinings tea has offered me during those times that relaxes and soothes me at other times when I pull it down from the shelf. One of my favorites is their Earl Grey, which offers wonderful citrus notes, and is considerably smooth.

I consider Twinings a classic, and know it’ll help me feel better when cold and flu season approaches. However, I would like to stress that Twinings is more than just a tea for those under the weather; it’s an enjoyable beverage for anytime. It is my nostalgic tea, and as such it has a consistent place on my shelf.

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