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Adams Peak White Tea
Adams Peak White Tea

Despite the weakened economy, the daily indulgence of gourmet tea has been holding steady. Gourmet tea selections include a wide variety of exotic flavors and on average cost thirty percent more than regular teas.

With gourmet tea sales increasing up to twenty-five percent each year for the last two decades, it’s obvious that demand for quality is high. And now that folks are tightening their belts during these tough economic times, more people are staying home and enjoying time with friends, family and a good cup of tea.

In the United States alone, gourmet teas account for over eight percent of 2009’s two-billion-dollar tea business. Specialty tearooms are popping up all over the United States. These tearooms are changing the pattern of tea consumption from that of a simple drink to more of a social occasion.

It is the indulgence that people can still afford to enjoy with a guilt free conscience. While gathering with old friends as well as new to visit and catch up on local news a tea drinker can enjoy a regular cup of tea side by side with friends indulging in their gourmet selections like Emperor’s White Garden, Silver Moon, Goût Sakura and Russe Douchka.

So whether you are enjoying the most special yellow tea costing $2,120 per kilo or a house blend, what a great excuse to gather with friends to share the news of the day.

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