Devonshire Cream Tea

Straight from our friend Gavin in the UK!

The history associated with these most delicious and World Famous of Afternoon Teas is both long and interesting.

Folks Enjoying Devonshire Cream Tea

It was in the mid 1600’s when tea first became really “fashionable” in the UK, and that was all because of a Portuguese Princess, Catherine of Braganza, who loved tea so much that when she became the wife of Charles II she introduced tea to the upper classes.

Within a few years news spread of this refreshing new beverage, and as a result it was then that the East India Company started to import it in volumes to meet the growing demand.

Today, “Afternoon Tea” is seen as being a Great British Institution and when visitors come to the these shores, from overseas, many make a bee-line for the many & varied quality tea rooms to enjoy that authentic taste of an English Cuppa, with sandwiches, cakes and of course scones & cream!

Aahh, Scones & Cream…. that brings us nicely onto the best known of all English Afternoon Tea Treats, the “Devonshire Cream Tea”, which consists of mouth watering home baked scones covered in gorgeous thick Devonshire Clotted Cream, and topped off with a beautiful locally made jam preserve, usually Strawberry. All washed down with several cups of Devonshire Tea.

It is widely reported that an afternoon snack, similar to our modern day “Cream Tea”, had already been served as far back as 997AD in Devonshire, in the ancient Stanary Town of Tavistock to labourers working to re-build the local Abbey (which had been destroyed by Danish Invaders). They were fed on scone like “rounds” with cream to provide sustenance mid-afternoon….

“Devonshire Cream Teas” have come a long way in the subsequent 1,000 years and are now enjoyed the world over. However, there is little doubt they are best enjoyed in Devonshire, and if you visit you can find links to several high quality places across the County of Devonshire, all serving this most authentic of afternoon treats.

Pictured above are a group of avid “Tweeters” from Plymouth in Devonshire, enjoying a Devonshire Cream Tea before the very first “Twittour” (a tour for people who use “Twitter”) in Plymouth, which took place on Saturday 10th October.

The photo was taken in the garden of The Tudor Tea Rooms, New Street, Plymouth which is located just a few minutes from the historic “Mayflower Steps” where the Pilgrim Fathers set sail on The Mayflower, bound for The New World, in 1620.

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