Curry Sauce — A Simple Guide

Bombay Authentics Vindaloo Curry Sauce
Bombay Authentics Vindaloo Curry Sauce

Curry sauce is eaten in countries around the world and varies in style, taste and aroma depending upon the ingredients used to produce it. The base of most sauces includes a sautéed mixture of onion, garlic and ginger. To this base a variety of spices are added. Such spices may include cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, chilies, peppercorns, cumin and mustard seeds. In addition, tomatoes and bell peppers are often included. Depending on the type of recipe followed, the outcome will be extremely different. Some common recipe information follows:

  • Korma – mild, yellow in color, with almond and coconut powder.
  • Curry – medium, brown, gravy-like sauce.
  • Biryani – spiced rice and meat cooked together and usually served with vegetable curry sauce.
  • Dupiaza – medium curry using boiled and fried onions as its primary ingredient.
  • Pasanda – a mild curry sauce made with cream, coconut milk, almonds or cashews.
  • Roghan Josh – medium, with tomatoes and paprika
  • Bhuna – medium, thick sauce, some vegetables
  • Dhansak – medium/hot, sweet and sour sauce with lentils. This often contains pineapples.
  • Madras – fairly hot curry, red in color and with heavy use of chili powder.
  • Pathia – hot, generally similar to a Madras with lemon juice and tomato purée
  • Jalfrezi – onion, green chili and a thick sauce
  • Sambar – medium heat, sour curry made with lentils and lemons
  • Vindaloo – a marinade containing wine or vinegar and garlic
  • Phaal – extremely hot dish using ground chilies, ginger and fennel
    Now that I’ve got my curry sauce, what do I do with it?

Unless you have grown up in a family that uses curry sauce as part of regular cooking, you may be confused about how to use it. Curry sauce is a fantastic cooking ingredient and is versatile and delicious. It can be served over fish, poultry or meat. Recipes that contain no animal stock can be served as a vegetarian sauce mixed with other vegetables, pasta, tofu, or rice. You can also try substituting your favorite curry sauce for your favorite condiment on burgers, hot dogs, as a dressing on salads or as a chip dip. However you choose to eat it, enjoy!

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