Most Unlikely

A large portion of our kitchen is occupied by my tea and its paraphernalia. And tea does not always remain in the teacup, but sometimes makes it onto our plate. Even though I cook with tea, I am often surprised at the other unexpected places that I find my favorite beverage.

Sowmee White Tea
Sowmee White Tea

Sometimes, its in other food or drinks. For example, I recently visited a friend’s classroom for an afternoon snack of Doritos and green tea ginger ale. Not the most conventional of afternoon teas, but the company was great and the soda wasn’t too bad. On the other hand, it didn’t exactly taste like green tea.

Another time, I was reading the ingredients on my box of oatmeal, and found that it contained decaffeinated green tea extract. All the more surprising was the fact that the packaging had no indication of this ingredient.  It seems that usually products containing green tea proclaim its inclusion as loudly as possible.

On the other hand, sometimes I find tea in things that aren’t exactly edible. I’m rather fascinated by this phenomenon. That’s how I ended up with some rather soapy tea in our bathroom. My organic pomegranate and green tea shampoo does in fact contain green tea extract.  I’m not sure if the inclusion of green tea does anything for my hair, although I’ve heard of people rinsing their hair with black tea.  I do like the shampoo, and it smells divine.  In the powder room, I have a white tea liquid soap.  It smells good, but again, nothing like white tea.

In the end though, the simple truth boils down to one thing.  The best way to enjoy your tea is not on your skin, in your hair, or in a glass of pop.  The best tea is the kind that you steep in a cup and fully taste.

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