Easter Teatime Hop-Along

Drinking tea and hopping would not, at first glance, seem like two activities that could be engaged in simultaneously. Well, actually, even at second, third, fourth, or fifth glance. Okay, so it’s not a good idea, unless you like to wear more tea than you drink. Fortunately, that’s not what an Easter Teatime Hop-Along is.

So what is an Easter Teatime Hop-Along? What kind of event could possibly combine the normally gentile activity of teatime with the lively and possibly even raucous activity of hopping? First, there is no actual hopping involved. (Phew! That’s a relief!) Rather, it’s sort of like a dance à la the 1950s (where the Bunny Hop and other dances reigned) with tea as the beverage of choice and classic Easter-themed elements in the décor. Appropriate attire is also expected. Bobby socks, poodle skirts, and other vintage fashions, along with vintage hairstyles like the beehive and ponytails for women, and the pompadour and ducktail for men, will help set the mood.

The tea drinking, I should mention here, takes place in-between the dancing. Now, you may think that’s obvious, but there are so many things that seem obvious yet are required to be put on labels on a lot of the products we buy that it seemed in line with this inanity to mention the obvious here. Think I’m kidding? Check the labels on a few items around your house, such as those on the electrical cords of new appliances. They say things like “Caution, electrical shock could result from misuse of this product.” Really? I always thought that shock was just a cheap way of curling my naturally straight hair.

The venue is also important. In line with the 1950s theme, might I suggest the gymnasium of your local high school. Of course, I’m assuming that you have lots of friends and acquaintances to join in the festivities. If your guest list is too short for that, seek out a local restaurant that has a party room separate from the main dining area where you can play music to fit the theme. For something more intimate, your own dining room or family room, complete with colorful streamers, balloons, and table decorations, will serve nicely. Don’t forget the Easter bunnies and dyed eggs. Gallons of fresh-steeped tea served in colorful teapots and drunk from just as colorful teacup and saucers add the “teatime” aspect, quite essential (oops! — there I go being obvious again).

Living in an age where YouTube videos, Twitpics, and Facebook photo albums are burgeoning with everything from musical performances and tea steeping demonstrations, to rantings on the events of the day (ranging from very amateur or on-the-sly offerings to rather professional productions), your event could wind up being one of them. (You might want to do your guests the courtesy of getting their permission first or at least include in your invitation that this is a possibility.)

As for hubby and me, we’re putting a guest list together and selecting the perfect teas to serve. Better hurry before Spring is over. Time to get hopping!

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