Review — Herbal Chamomile by Harney & Sons

Name: Herbal Chamomile

Brand: Harney & Sons

Type: Herbal tisane

Form: Silken pyramid tea bags

Review: There are times when even the most die-hard tea lover has to say “enough” to true tea and take the time to enjoy an herbal tisane. Sometimes the the caffeine gets to you, other times the tannic acid gets to your tummy. In either case, tea lovers know that they can get their hot (or cold) beverage fix from one of the many excellent tisanes on the market.

(Incidentally, “tisane” is tea-industry-speak for herbal infusions that don’t contain any true tea.)

Of course, it always helps when the tisane is produced by one of America’s premier tea-blenders. Harney & Sons produces some great teas, so I figured they would know what they were doing when it came to sourcing a good chamomile.

(I was right.)

Chamomile is a herb in the daisy family, long prized in many cultures for its various medicinal qualities as well as its rich flavor. Traditionally regarded as a relaxing tonic, many people drink a chamomile infusion in the evenings to help themselves wind down.

While some tea companies blend their chamomile with other flavors (citrus and mint are popular pairings), Harney & Sons wisely chose to keep their chamomile pure. The dried herb infuses to a rich yellow-gold with a buttery and slightly vegetal nose. The tisane itself is medium bodied, and is a bit more astringent than I expected it to be.  The tea’s flavor is also a bit spicy, with less of the buttery flavor than is suggested in the nose. If you are missing your true tea and looking for a more robust tisane, Harney & Son’s Herbal Chamomile may be just the ticket.

Incidentally, a bag of this tisane can be infused at least twice.  It is also quite tasty and refreshing on ice.

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