Easter Tea!

The spring equinox has come and gone, while we our still waiting for our last frost date to get serious about the garden. The crocuses and daffodils are out in force, and the tourists are flocking to D.C. to see the cherry blossoms. We’ve even had a few beautiful days, although today definitely feels like a March day. Yet, for me, it doesn’t quite feel like spring. For some odd, nostalgic reason, I need bunnies and colorful eggs to mark the beginning of spring. Luckily, that particular day is only a week away. I’ve been bookmarking creative things to do with hard-boiled eggs, and thinking about what I’m going to wear to services with Mr. Tea Scoop’s parents. Then, it will truly feel like spring.

As you may have realized, I’ll take any occasion to throw a tea party. Unfortunately, this year, our schedule doesn’t allow for one. But that hasn’t stopped me from fantasizing about what it would be like. Since I can’t have one, I’ll share my ideas with you.

Decor is easy. There are Easter decorations everywhere. Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, consider having a Spring Fling tea. Decorations are largely the same. Who doesn’t think of spring when looking at fluffy yellow chicks?

For food, of course you must have hard-boiled eggs with colorful shells. Consider dying them with natural dyes this year for some unique, non-Paas colors. Or, use a pin to poke a whole in each end, and blow out the yolk. Make one hole slightly wider, and rinse the shells well. When they are dry, pour in melted chocolate. Then paint the shells gold (or whatever colors and designs you prefer). When your guests crack them open, they won’t get the egg that they are expecting! Nestle a few Peeps in a nest along with the eggs. Of course, the traditional tea sandwiches never go wrong. You might also try some cupcakes decorated with edible flowers.

It might also be time to break out the iced tea. Whether you decide on hot or iced, stick with light black teas, such as Darjeeling, and delicate florals.

Happy Spring!

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