For Dad: A Cupful of Memories

Growing up as a kid, my favorite time of the year was always summertime. It wasn’t just the fact that school was out, although I’m sure that had something to do with it. However, summertime meant that the family got to go camping. As far back as I can remember, the whole family would pack up the tent and rough it in the woods. My dad would lead the charge, giving us all jobs to do – the five of us working like a well-oiled machine, so that in no time flat the campsite was set up and the fun could begin.

Now my favorite part about camping was, and still is, the campfire. Making the campfire, cooking over the campfire, singing songs and playing games around the campfire – it was a circle that brought us together as a family. I’ve started to suspect that our going camping was simply an excuse to sit around the fire. Even though I am older and out of the house, my Dad and I still manage to go camping once a year. Setting up the tent and building that campfire still gives me the same thrill as when I was a child.

They say that smells can trigger memories – and sure enough, they can. The first time I tried Lapsang Souchong tea, with its rich, smoky fragrance, I was immediately transported to the woods – sitting around the campfire with my Dad.

The strong taste may be overwhelming for some, but for me, it has become a personal favorite. Various tea legends tell of Chinese tea merchants needing to dry tea over a campfire which resulted in the woodsy taste for which it is known and prized. Surely this is a unique tea. If you could go camping from a tea cup, then Lapsang Souchong is the tea that would get you there.

By sharing the variety of his interests and hobbies, my dad opened me up to lots of creative new worlds and ideas. I’ve been able to return the favor by sharing with my dad love and passion for tea. He has indeed expanded his palate. Slowly but surely, he has increased his appreciation for tea. Perhaps he simply enjoys the fact that sharing a cup of tea gives time to sit together, to talk, and to bond – just like sitting around a campfire.

Happy Father’s Day!

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One thought on “For Dad: A Cupful of Memories

  1. Camping Easier

    I love your article. I have very fond memories of camping with my father also. Now he has Alzheimer’s so he doesn’t remember those great times. I hope everyone can make these same kinds of memories with their children. Thank you for the wonderful post.

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