Review — Stash English Breakfast & Earl Grey Teas

Stash's English BreakfastTea Names: English Breakfast, Earl Grey

Brand: Stash

Type: Black Tea

Form: Paper tea bags, individually wrapped

Review: If you are looking for inexpensive, classic teas in a convenient form, Stash’s Earl Grey and English Breakfast teas are likely to be right up your alley. The English Breakfast is a veritable United Nations of teas, using Indian (Assam and Nilgiri), Sri Lankan (Ceylon), and Chinese (Keemun) teas in it this tasty, smooth blend. Unlike some breakfast blends that practically demand milk and sugar, Stash’s English Breakfast isn’t terribly astringent nor strong. It tastes fine on its own, though some may find it a bit too mild. It also doesn’t have the palate cleansing properties (i.e. an astringent finish) that many like in their breakfast teas. Still, if you like a tea that doesn’t require milk and sugar, this may be one to try. Also quite nice cold: try adding a bit of lemon for a crisp and refreshing iced tea.

Stash’s light hand in blending extends its other classic tea, Earl Grey. Stash uses both Ceylon and Chinese black teas to create the base for the blend, then adds natural bergamot oil. Unlike some Earl Greys, Stash’s Earl Grey is neither overwhelming nor perfumy. Still, the bergamot makes its presence known, and its smooth citrus notes blends well with what I suspect is a Ceylon-heavy tea blend. This Earl Grey works nicely on ice, as well. Very smooth, slightly sweet, and quite yummy.

Incidentally, while I can’t be certain of their respective caffeine counts, both these teas left me pleasantly buzzed. If you are concerned about caffeine, you may want to experiment with these teas before drinking. On the other hand, if you like a serious caffeine rush to start your day, these might be just the thing. Also, each tea bag is individually wrapped in sturdy foil, making them perfect for carrying around in pocket, wallet, or purse.

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