Thankful for Tea

Lapsang Souchong
Lapsang Souchong

It’s hard to believe, but Thanksgiving is almost here. I love all holidays, but Thanksgiving’s particularly high on my list, and it’s not just because of  the pumpkin pie. I love the way families come together to share a meal, and unlike all the meals we scrape together during the rest of the year, this is one to linger over. It’s a warm, slow day and a chance to sit at the table for hours eating, talking and, of course, drinking tea.

Christmas or Holiday blends, usually spiced black teas with orange, are perfect for serving with Thanksgiving dinner. Likewise, keep an eye out for Pumpkin Spice teas to go with that pumpkin pie. Or look for spicy chai teas. With all that food, you might also want to consider teas that aid digestion, such as teas containing ginger, or peppermint tea. Peppermint tea is also a great caffeine free herbal option late in the evening.

After you have selected your tea, don’t forget that it makes a great ingredient in many recipes. I myself recently saw a recipe for chai stuffing that looked delicious. If you’re doing an herbed rub for your turkey, think about throwing some tea into the mix. Go with Lapsang Souchong for a smoky flavor. Tea can also play a fabulous role in desserts. As an alternative to pumpkin pie, think about making chocolate chai pudding. Use any scratch chocolate pudding recipe, steeping chai leaves in the milk before combining it with the other ingredients.

And remember, the most important part of Thanksgiving is not what you eat, or drink, even if it is tea, but being thankful for what you have!

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