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Tea Goes Trendy for Flavors

With the popularity of this tiny hot beverage, it’s easy for some to say that tea has gotten too trendy and that anything too trendy will come to an end.  But they said that about soap, about fast food, about hip-hop and all these things are here to stay.  Indeed, the American societal embrace of tea is not a flash in the pan, but more like the evolution of a young country whose tastes are also evolving.

It does seem that way, seeing as many other parts of the world have held to tea-drinking traditions for hundreds of years.  Tea is not a new concept, just a new concept for some.  Of course I would think it’s safe to say that here in America, we have cornered the market on novelty and flavored teas.  Far beyond the reaches of the general black, green, oolong or white varieties are a plethora of blends which tease and seduce the taste buds into thinking that anything is possible!

The flavored tea market has certainly expanded.  Flavors of every kind can find their way into tea ranging from conservative: Blueberry, Lemon, Cinnamon, or Peach, to the more abstract like: Pumpkin Spice, Chocolate Mint, and Hawaiian Colada and White Persian Melon.  And while we’re at it, I’ve even seen Beer Tea and Jalapeño Tea!

Blends like these can be an enjoyable alternative to the straight up tea leaves.  And for some novice tea drinkers it can be a fun way to get into drinking tea in the first place.
If the use of artificial flavors is an issue for you, then it would be wise to check how these teas are flavored – because some things simply do not impart a naturally rich taste when thrown in hot water.

We like choice and we like variety in everything we buy and in the products we consume.  It never ceases to amaze me, how many variations we have of M&M’s.  So it will never cease to amaze me that there will always be a new tea to try, and some new flavor concoction to steep.  If it’s all too trendy for you, then grab yourself a soothing cup of Darjeeling!

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One response to “Tea Goes Trendy for Flavors”

  1. Tea is one of the hottest new things. It is very much up on the trendsetter scales. Tea trends are becoming more and more obvious in society especially among younger people. Some of the most recent in tea trends is using tea as a topping or as an ingredient in every day favorite foods and drinks.
    Everyone goes to crazy for flavor of tea. Thank you for your blog, which is enjoyable, informative, and delicious!

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