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February 9, 2011

  • Grow Your Own Tea

    As the second most popular beverage in the world (or so it is said) it stands to reason that tea is grown in massive quantities. There are a number of tea-producing nations and regions all around the world but the most significant of these, at least in terms of the quantities produced, are India, China… Continue reading

  • Tea, Laughter, and Your Nose

    Sometimes tea mouthfuls have to be timed carefully. This is especially true when drinking tea around someone with a sense of humor that is capable of producing remarks bound to evoke copious laughter. That stated, I have to say that my hubby has such a sense of humor, and my timing isn’t always so good.… Continue reading

  • In the Leaves for February

    Those of you who have read some of my previous posts will have experienced my extraordinary psychic gift and my terrifyingly accurate ability to tell the future using tea leaves. Well who am I to be selfish and keep such talent to myself? In the interests of helping my fellow man I’ve decided to do… Continue reading

  • English Biscuit Roundup

    English isn’t always quite the same English when you travel to different countries. This can lead to a slight bit of confusion at teatime. One puzzle is the word “biscuit.” Ask a Brit for a biscuit, and you’re not likely to get something leavened, fluffy, and ready for butter and jam or a nice sausage… Continue reading

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