Tea, Laughter, and Your Nose

Sometimes tea mouthfuls have to be timed carefully. This is especially true when drinking tea around someone with a sense of humor that is capable of producing remarks bound to evoke copious laughter. That stated, I have to say that my hubby has such a sense of humor, and my timing isn’t always so good. Thus, the tea incident.

It all started with a fresh pot of Borengajuli Estate tea, from the Borengajuli Estate in the Assam area of India.

So many things start simply like this and then can go wrong quickly and often with rather messy consequences. For example, once while driving in a blizzard on a highway that was icy and snow was blowing so thick that I could hardly see ahead of me, I sneezed.

Now, there are sneezes and then there are sneezes. Some are those dainty little things that are barely noticeable. A slight “choo” and a little dabbing at one’s nose. Some are pretty ordinary, enough noise and force to let everyone know its there and that a tissue or handkerchief is needed. And then there’s the one I let out while driving. That was the kind that jerks your whole body and makes your head feel like it just exploded, which, technically, is what a sneeze is.

Anyway, the result of the force of that sneeze predictably followed the law of physics that says for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In this case, it was my hands jerking the steering wheel in just such a way that the tires lost traction, which was already tenuous, and the car succumbed to its forward momentum, following the new angle of the front wheels, to propel the car in a 180˚ turn. In other words, I was suddenly facing cars coming towards me through heavy snow on a slick road surface. Probably the only reason I am here to tell the tale is that I went into autopilot mode and implemented the driving lessons my father had given me years before. I quickly steered off to the shoulder — and got stuck in deep powder (no, that wasn’t part of my dad’s lessons). Fortunately, a driver saw me in time for him to stop and render assistance, so I did not have to brave the weather and trudge the two or three miles to the nearest gas station for a tow.

So, how does this relate to the tea incident? Well, it shows that the nose (and sneezes) can be pretty forceful.

Now for the laughter portion of the tea incident. First, a bit of an anatomy lesson comes in here. Briefly, the membrane between your mouth and the nasal cavities is porous. Hint, hint.

Need more info? Okay. Fresh pot of tea, freshly poured cupful from that pot, a big mouthful from that cup, hubby comes in room, hubby makes humorous remark that would have made the Marx Brothers sound like Sad Sacks by comparison. Unable to contain laughter. Manage to keep lips together so that don’t spray room with tea and to keep from swallowing where most would probably have gone down my windpipe since laughter involves a lot of air flow. Tea has only one place to go: through nasal membrane and out the nose!

Having a “humorous hubby” makes the likelihood of such tea incidents much greater. So, I think I’d better work on my tea sip timing!

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