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February 22, 2011

  • The Tea Gadget Report

    How wild and/or zany and/or outlandish and/or just plain silly can tea gadgets get? The possibilities are probably only limited by the imagination and some of the people who are turning out this stuff are pretty imaginative – and then some. First, the novelty tea infuser category, which seems to always be a popular category… Continue reading

  • The Legend of the Sneaky Tea Drinker

    Once upon a time there was a Sneaky Tea Drinker. She fixed tea in a sneaky way, drank it in a sneaky setting, and shared it in a sneaky manner. Obviously, this is one of those tales that the Brothers Grimm failed to collect as they traveled thru parts of Europe. This Sneaky Tea Drinker… Continue reading

  • Coloring Up Your Teatime

    Spring is just around the corner (March 20th, according to my wall calendar), a time when color reigns supreme, at teatime and any time. While Winter is dressed in various shades of brown and whites, with some plants retaining their green even as the rest have gone bare, Spring is always an artist’s palette. Bulb… Continue reading

  • The Value of Tea Company Steeping Instructions

    Trying a new tea? Well, dive right in and get steeping! Just boil some water, pour it over the tea leaves and let it steep about 10 to 15 minutes. No, wait, that’s not right. The tea tastes really strong and bitter. Okay, let’s try this again. Heat the water just until it’s warm and… Continue reading

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