The Legend of the Sneaky Tea Drinker

Once upon a time there was a Sneaky Tea Drinker. She fixed tea in a sneaky way, drank it in a sneaky setting, and shared it in a sneaky manner. Obviously, this is one of those tales that the Brothers Grimm failed to collect as they traveled thru parts of Europe.

This Sneaky Tea Drinker lived in the southeastern part of a great vast country that stretched between two oceans. Many of the people who occupied this country drank tea, too, but they used little bags full of tea leaf pieces so small that they looked like fairy dust. They dunked these bags in a mug of warm water or put them in their teapot and let the string and tag on the bag hang over the side. Some of these people, especially where Sneaky Tea Drinker lived, would then add lots of ice and sugar to the tea, calling it “Sweet Tea” and gulping it down by the gallon.

Shen Nung
Shen Nung

But Sneaky Tea Drinker was different. She loved teas of all different kinds. She loved teas made from leaves that had been plucked before they had turned fully green and while they still had a light fuzz still on them. She loved teas made from the bright green two-leaves-and-a-bud combo plucked at their peak of perfection and flavor. She loved teas made from the larger leaves further down the stem that are processed to make lovely smoky flavored teas. She loved teas made from leaves that are left to turn black and then steep up to a sweet smelling liquid with a most regal ruby red color. She loved teas from the Land of the Rising Sun, teas from the mountains of the land of Shen Nong, teas from the foothills of Asia’s necklace (the Himalayan Mountains), teas from the yielding mountains of Kenya, teas even from such “sneaky” (that is, “unexpected”) places as Hawaii and Brazil. She loved teas tenderly processed by hand, from the moment they were first freed from the tea bush Camellia Sinensis to their withering, rolling, drying, and other steps in the process from leaf to teacup perfection.

In short, Sneaky Tea Drinker loved tea!

Sneaky Tea Drinker shared her love of teas with the man she loved and married. He had been a drinker of the bean brew called “coffee” but from the moment he took that first cup from her steady hands, the sneaky effect of the tea did as she had hoped. He was now as entranced by the leaf as she. Ah, the sneaky plot had worked!

From that time on, Sneaky Tea Drinker was no longer alone. She shared the drink she loved with the man she loved, and all was beautiful in their world.

One day Sneaky Tea Drinker saw a challenge online to photograph a tea moment. It stirred her sneaky instincts. She knew her prey would be elusive since he was prone to shyness. The solution was simple: steep up a perfect cuppa tea and set it out where she knew he would find it. She had the camera ready and called to him, “Your tea is ready, Sweetie!” She could hear him coming so she hid and waited. He came up to the cup of tea. “Ah!” he said and took a sip. She came up quietly behind him and snapped the photo just as he was about to lift the cup to his lips again. Mission accomplished!

“Are you done?” he asked, turning to her. The twinkle in his eye said that Sneaky Tea Drinker’s hubby had known of the plot all along.

A caution to you, dear readers: Sneaking up on  someone drinking tea can result in the most heinous of tea experiences: spillage! However, sneaking off by yourself to enjoy a “solitudinal” tea moment can be one of the best tea experiences. Enjoy!

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