The Tea Gadget Report

How wild and/or zany and/or outlandish and/or just plain silly can tea gadgets get? The possibilities are probably only limited by the imagination and some of the people who are turning out this stuff are pretty imaginative – and then some.

First, the novelty tea infuser category, which seems to always be a popular category when it comes to tea gadgets. My vote for one of the best and most clever of these that I’ve run across lately would have to go to the Arta Tea Leaf Infuser, which is, well…just click the link and see for yourself. If you’re in the mood for something a little more in the cutesy mode you might prefer to go with the Tea Duckie. Fans of sleek and modernist type gadgetry will want to check out the decidedly futuristic Eva Solo Tea Bag Tea Infuser.

If you’re keen on making your tea from tea bags, then the Squeezmo is a clever innovation you might want to check out. Unless you’ve figured out a better way to squeeze your tea bags with a minimum of fuss and mess. While we’re on the subject of the tea bag, here’s are a few thoughts from Choice Organic Teas about what goes into The Making of a Tea Bag

If you’d like to automate the process of making tea, at least to a point, and you’d like some fancy teaware to boot, take a look at the TEPS, a clever gadget that can brew up to eight cups at a time and which even includes the cups. If you’d prefer something that’s also automated but a little more stripped down, the Tempo Ceramic Cup might just be the ticket. In the not quite as practical but decidedly offbeat category is this Yin & Yang teapot, by Ewa Sendecka. Which should come in handy for those people who just cant seem to decide what type of tea to prepare.

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