Butterflies and Tea

Recently, I tried a tea named Lavender Butterfly Tea. The name gave me cause for pause. Butterflies? In tea? Lavender is one thing, but I draw the line at bugs. And, for that matter, other critters such as monkeys and pandas. Yes, butterflies are free, so they don’t add to the cost of the ingredients in the tea blend. But, still…

Okay, getting serious now. I opened the tea package a bit trepidatiously. Nothing flew out. So far, so good. I peeked in. No sign of a delicate, gossamer wing all mangled, it’s colorful wing dust (actually, teeny tiny scales) coating the tea leaf and lavender pieces, no tiny antennae bits looking like a bit of black pepper sprinkled in — urp! Nope. All clear. I even dumped the package contents into a bowl, and hubby and I re-checked it. Still nothing. Phew! We proceeded with the tasting. Delicious!

So, what do butterflies have to do with this tea? Well, it’s a cute name. The tea is a blend of French lavender (which butterflies seem to like a lot) and Chinese green tea. But it got me thinking about the close association in people’s minds between butterflies and tea.

Butterflies are a common decoration on teawares:

There is also a Butterfly Tea Room that has a menu full of butterfly names. For example, one of their breakfast teas is called “Meadow Fritillary” and their High Tea is called “Monarch.” It’s a menu designed to test your entomological acumen. There is also a butterfly tea company that oddly has no teas with butterflies in them or even in their tea names.

As for butterflies and one of their favorite treats (lavender), try planting a little in your garden. There are lots of varieties, and it’s fairly easy to grow. Hummingbirds and honey bees love lavender, too. (So far, I haven’t heard of either of these being used in tea, thank goodness!) Lavender makes great pomades, sachets, and nosegays. So versatile. In fact, besides tea, lavender shows up in all kinds of products, from soaps to soups. The tea is my favorite, though, and one of the few flavored teas hubby and I enjoy. Give it a try!

7 thoughts on “Butterflies and Tea

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  7. I always tease my mother about her herbal tea asking her if she wants any of her ‘butterfly eyelash tea’. I have a set of Lenox Butterfly Fields dinnerware for tea. A set came out several years ago that was just for tea: teapot, cream and sugar and a set of four small dishes. The teapot is an 8-10 cupper in the standard 6 oz cups but the cups that come with the set are a generous 8ounces. I do love a butterfly motif on tea-ware. It brings just the right amount of nature indoors.

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