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March 21, 2011

  • Review of Kambaa Estate by The English Tea Store

    Name: Kambaa Estate Brand: English Tea Store Type: Black Form: Loose leaf Review: For those who like a vigorous, flavorful but unrefined cup of tea, Kambaa Estate may be just the thing. This is a machine processed tea from Kenya, so its “leaf” looks more like tiny little chocolate brown pellets than leaves. Even more… Continue reading

  • Chun Mee Tea

    One of the nicest aspects of exploring the world of Chinese teas is the richness of the stories and names that go with them. They are never dull or prosaic and however insane they may seem they are usually strangely fitting. It is hard to imagine that a western tea would be given such a… Continue reading

  • Citrus and Tea

    When you think of citrus and tea, lemon is probably the citrus fruit that springs to mind first. But don’t forget limes, oranges, etc. They add zest to your teatime! Quick quiz: How many citrus fruits can you name? Orange — duh! everyone thinks of this one; becoming more common in flavored teas and herbals.… Continue reading

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