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March 31, 2011

  • Tea, Meet Coffee

    Tea is tea and coffee is coffee and never the twain shall meet. Or shall they? Well, if the truth must be told sometimes they come pretty close. While some tea drinkers wouldn’t touch coffee with a ten-foot stirring stick and there are coffee drinkers who feel the same way about tea, there are also… Continue reading

  • Tea and the Lady with the Fly

    What’s the connection between tea and the lady with the fly? Well, first of all, the former is a beverage that has been around for millennia, and the latter two are characters in a silly albeit entertaining little poem. For those of you not familiar with the poem, it starts out with a poor old… Continue reading

  • Tea and Crumpets

    There are so many delicious ways to transition from tea the drink to ‘tea’ the snack or small meal; all it takes are a few simple additions. At the lighter end of things there are biscuits or, if that isn’t going to satisfy your sweet tooth, there is the ever popular slice of cake. If… Continue reading

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