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March 14, 2011

  • In the Leaves for March

    It is time again for us to part the murky brown water of time and peer in to the tea cup of the future. Here is my mystical wisdom to guide you through the remainder of the month. The first portents from this months excellent cup of Assam were a cat, two hills and a… Continue reading

  • The Civilizing Effect of Tea

    Tea stimulates. Tea relaxes. Above all, tea civilizes. From the earliest days, when this beverage was reserved for royalty to modern times when “high tea” has morphed from being an evening meal for the working class to a fancy pinky-pointing expensive affair at the local tearoom, we all experience the civilizing effect of tea. Drinking… Continue reading

  • Celebrity Tea Bags, Tea Bag Art & Fragrances

    The tea gadgeteers never rest, or so it would seem, and the tea gadgets and gimmicks just keep on coming. Here are a few of the most recent innovations and strange uses for tea and tea paraphernalia that have come down the pike lately. If you really, really like the smell of tea and the… Continue reading

  • A Passion for Tea

    I had something of an epiphany in a restaurant the other day. We were served by an example of the kind of sommelier so over the top that they’re completely immune to parody. His explanation of one particular glass of wine easily doubled my knowledge of the entire subject. Wine isn’t really my thing but… Continue reading

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