In the Leaves for March

It is time again for us to part the murky brown water of time and peer in to the tea cup of the future. Here is my mystical wisdom to guide you through the remainder of the month.

The first portents from this months excellent cup of Assam were a cat, two hills and a dinosaur. A cat is a faithless friend, a hill is an obstacle and a dinosaur is an enormous prehistoric monster so we’re not off to a great start. Someone who you thought was a friend will thwart your plans and result in you nearly being eaten by a dinosaur.

The joy continues with a bull, which means an argument but then we have a strawberry, which means pleasure and a change for the better. Having escaped the dinosaur you will have it out with your former friend and with their treacherous self gone from your life things will improve.

Next there is an inkwell which means a letter and a koala next to a pair of glasses and a picture of Africa. Koalas are rarely found in Africa so this means a letter is going to get lost when someone fails to read the address properly, having forgotten their glasses. Do not put anything valuable in the post until April especially if you’re trying to send it to Australia.

We end with a kite which is ambitions that will carry you far, provided you seize opportunities as they arise. So be bold, follow your dreams and at all times watch out for dinosaurs.

The leaves have spoken.

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