Tea, Meet Coffee

Grandma's Angels Gift Set with your choice of coffee or teaTea is tea and coffee is coffee and never the twain shall meet. Or shall they? Well, if the truth must be told sometimes they come pretty close. While some tea drinkers wouldn’t touch coffee with a ten-foot stirring stick and there are coffee drinkers who feel the same way about tea, there are also those people who are able to cross these imaginary boundaries and enjoy both.

Regardless of which of these camps you’re a part of, you might find some of the various hybrid tea/coffee products to be of interest. Take Cascara, for instance. It’s a product that’s prepared in much the same way as a tea or tisane, but it is made from the so-called cherries that surround the coffee bean. While in many cases these cherries are regarded as a by-product of the process of making coffee, they have been used to make a tea-like beverage in this manner in various parts of the world for quite some time. For more on coffee bean tea, look here.

If coffee leaf tea sounds like it would be more to your liking, you’re in luck. There is actually such a thing. Known as kootee or qutti, it is particularly popular in Ethiopia, where it is typically steeped like tea and flavored, much in the same way as chai, with milk and fragrant spices such as cardamom. Straying a little farther from the tea world and veering closer to actual coffee is the curiously named Teabean, which is a type of coffee made from a white coffee bean but which is said to resemble tea somewhat in flavor.

If you’re looking for the ultimate hybrid of tea and coffee, how about a product that actually combines tea and coffee? That would be a bottled tea called Yin Yang, from the good people at Cha Dao Tea. More about it in this review from the BevNet web site, where they conclude that it “drinks surprisingly well, with light notes of black tea and coffee hitting the palate.”

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2 thoughts on “Tea, Meet Coffee

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  2. Happy Spring! I think we should declare this “English Tea Month” as a run up to the wedding. I wonder what tea they will serve? Fortnum and Mason Royal Blend or something else? Hmmm. I’ll see what I can find out.

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