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It’s not like you needed any more reasons to drink tea, right? But if you did, you might want to consider a recent report in the New York Daily News that noted, Coffee Prices Expected To Soar Thanks To Demand, World Harvest. As the story goes, rising demand and lousy harvests in Colombia, Brazil and Latin America, for starters, has resulted in a shortage of Arabica beans and pushed prices to levels that are at their highest in the last 34 years.

But enough of that coffee stuff. Let’s talk about the British. Do the British love tea? Well, duh. There are probably few countries as closely associated with the fruits of the Camellia sinensis plant and now one very well-known British tea maker has decided to take their show on the road. That would be the good people at Yorkshire Tea, who recently sent a team to roam these here United States, singing the praises of their products. More here.

Tetley Tea
Tetley Tea

Speaking of popular British tea firms, there’s Tetley. They are sufficiently popular that one British collector’s impressive assortment of Tetley Tea Folks memorabilia has been valued at about ₤15,000. The Tetley Tea Folk, for those who are not in the know, are a popular bunch of animated characters who have long been used to get the word out about Tetley Tea. 

If you’re planning a trip to London anytime soon you’re not likely to be hard up for places to drink tea. But if you’d like a few informed suggestions on places to go for afternoon tea, take a look at Top Places For Afternoon Tea In London, which appeared recently in the Toronto Sun.

You may not have ever heard of the northern German region of East Friesland and they’re not likely to challenge the British when it comes to tea drinking, but they drink their fair share of the stuff there. For more on the tea culture of this area, be sure to check out this recent article from the T Ching blog.

Check our blog for more articles on tea traditions around the world.

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