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Green and White Teas for Spring

As I move into spring, I find myself eschewing the rich black teas that I drank all winter and pulling out the green and white teas that have patiently sat in the back of my tea shelf for so long. Spring brings warmth, sun and green leaves and plants, making me want to drink something lighter and more refreshing. Flavored or unflavored, green and white teas are just what I need this time of year.

White Monkey Paw Green Tea
White Monkey Paw Green Tea

White teas are still a new thing for a lot of people. If you haven’t tried one, you should: The flavor profile of white tea ranges from full-flavored to extremely delicate. I particularly enjoy waking up to a cup of one of the richer white teas, such as pai mu dan, on days when I don’t need the major jolt of black tea, but want to wake up slowly. Some white teas also take to flavoring and scenting very well: Try a white Earl Grey or, for something really different, an anise-flavored white tea.

Green tea can be a difficult subject to broach with some people. Many folks have had bad experiences with cheap, poorly prepared green tea. While it can be an acquired taste, green tea is full of wonderful flavors. If you don’t normally drink green tea,  I recommend starting with a light green such as White Monkey Paw. Jasmine green teas are also very tasty, and many people find the taste of jasmine to be most refreshing. Iced green and white teas can also be delicious, though you may want to choose the stronger, heartier varieties for cold-brewing or icing, as the cold mutes a tea’s flavor. Green and white teas flavored with citrus and other fruits can be a wonderful change from iced tea made with black tea, and may be a better choice to serve with lighter, springtime dishes such as fish or grilled chicken.

I wish everyone a happy and healthy springtime!

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