20 Reasons to Drink Tea in April

 Florida Orange Rooibos
Florida Orange Rooibos

Just as in March, there are tons of days in April to celebrate with a cuppa tea. I have focused on 20 of these dates to get you started and skipped some obvious dates, like Easter on the 24th and Tax Day on the 15th. The point is to bring some lesser known dates to your attention and show how they are great reasons to enjoy tea while steering clear of anything too serious, for the most part.

On to those 20 very special reasons to drink tea during this first full month of Spring.

  1. April is Cancer Control Month, so get a check-up.
  2. The 3rd week (10-16) is Week of the Young Child. The theme is Early Years Are Learning Years. Wish they’d had that when I was a kid. Sigh! Time for tea!
  3. International Fun at Work Day — April 1st — No need to whistle while you work to have fun. Just bring along a thermos of tea large enough to sip on all day long.
  4. National Read a Road Map Day — April 5th — And whatever you do, don’t ask for directions! If you get lost, pull over to the nearest café and see if they have anything resembling tea.
  5. Ponce de Leon Day — April 8th — Born in 1460, de Leon is known for discovering Florida. Of course, he was really looking for the Fountain of Youth but took a wrong turn at Atlanta and headed due South until he reached Miami. Have a nice Florida Orange Rooibos tea to celebrate.
  6. National Siblings Day — April 10th — Even if you’re an only child, you can celebrate this day. We are all basically related. But if you give yourself a bigger slice of the cake at teatime…
  7. Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday, 1743 — April 13th — Thanks to him we don’t have a king, we have a President. I’ll drink a tea toast to that!
  8. Reach as High as You Can Day — April 14th — The sky’s the limit, as the saying goes, so you could go for some goal you thought unattainable. Or does this mean it’s time to clean out the top shelf of your tea pantry? Either way, go for it!
  9. Rubber Eraser Day — April 15th — No mistaking the benefits of this day, especially if, like me, you make mistakes. Don’t worry. Just rub ’em out and have some tea.
  10. National Eggs Benedict Day — April 16th — Eggs Benedict was created in New York City over 100 years ago and is said to have been created by Mrs. LeGrand Benedict in 1893 and Mr. Lemuel Benedict in 1894. That’s one disagreement I’m steering clear of and just enjoying this splendid dish with some tasty Breakfast Blend tea.
  11. Slavery Abolished in D.C. — April 16th — In 1862, President Lincoln signed an act abolishing slavery in the District of Columbia, a big step toward full emancipation. Have a wonderful Kenyan or Rwandan tea to celebrate!
  12. First Laundromat Opens — April 18th — Picture Fort Worth Texas, 1934. People are lined up around the block with baskets full of their dirty laundry, along with detergent, softener, and bleach. Finally, they would know the joy of clean clothes again without bending over their bathtubs to scrub them. More time and energy for steeping and enjoying tea!
  13. Kindergarten Day — April 21st — Kindergartens were founded by Friedrich Fröbel in 1837 in Germany. Getting children interested in learning about their world early is important. Learning all you can about tea is good, too, and will help you enjoy this marvelous and varied beverage all the more.
  14. Home Run Day — April 23rd — Hank Aaron hits his first home run in 1954. Score a home run at tea time with some fine teas like Czar Nicolas Russian Caravan Tea or Lover’s Leap Estate Darjeeling.
  15. William Shakespeare’s Birthday (in 1564) — April 23rd — William knew that a tea by any other name would taste as good. He also would have traded his tea kingdom for a horse. Lessons for us all to learn.
  16. East meets West Day — April 25th — This is mainly about sports teams, but it can easily be about tea. Most teas are grown in parts of the globe that we know as the East. A lot of them are enjoyed in what we call the West.
  17. Hug an Australian Day — April 26th — Aussies love tea. You love tea. So, why not love Aussies? After the hug fest, share some tea Aussie-style.
  18. Tell a Story Day — April 27th — Especially good if you finished off the last of the tea in the pot and someone asks about it. Of course, you could also apply this as an excuse to tell friends, family, and co-workers the story of tea.
  19. Zipper Day — April 29th — A day full of ups and downs but somehow everything manages to hold together, including your cuppa tea.
  20. Hairstyle Appreciation Day — April 30th — A time for you to notice your loved one’s new “do” and pay a compliment. Then, turn around quickly and pretend to be making tea so he/she can’t see the smirk on your face. We all have different tastes!

Time for me to go celebrate a most special day: another day of being alive. Enjoy!

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