20 Reasons to Drink Tea in September

Fall is on its way!
Fall is on its way!

September is a month of transition, the last three weeks of Summer soon giving way to Autumn. The Equinox, marking that change from one season to the other, is on the 23rd this year. Most kids are also back in school, making the home seem peaceful yet a bit lonely without their antics and high-pitched voices. Time to make note of some of the special dates this month and how to appropriately celebrate them with tea!

But first, a few month-long observations: Better Breakfast Month, National Piano Month, National Rice Month, Fall Hat Month, National Courtesy Month, Baby Safety Month, Little League Month, and Honey Month — all good ones to toast with tea.

On to the daily events:   

  1. VJ Day — 2nd — Surrender ceremony aboard the USS Missouri formally ends WWII in 1945. Sadly, the Cold War started up the next year and continued through 1991, with the British making plans to secure their tea supply in the event of an all-out nuclear war.
  2. Skyscraper Day — 3rd — Building such tall structures was a monument to engineering. And dining in a tip top restaurant, with the city displayed out around you to the horizon, is quite a thrill. Some of these places serve great tea.
  3. Father’s Day in Australia — 4th — Serve up a pot of Billy Tea for the Dad in your life, no matter where you live.
  4. Labor Day — 5th — A good chance to take a moment to think of all the people who labor to bring you tea.
  5. Fight Procrastination Day — 6th — Gee, I’m too tired now. Can I do this tomorrow?
  6. Teddy Bear Day — 9th — They’re all lined up for tea time — and they’re staring at me. Make them stop!
  7. Grandparent’s Day — 11th — These days, with both parents often working during the day, grandparents aren’t just the kindly folks that spoil the kids with candy. They are often caregivers. They need a “spot of tea” to keep their strength up!
  8. National Chocolate Milk Shake Day — 12th — Chocolate teas can be quite tasty, so what about a chocolate tea milk shake? A great day to find out. Get your blenders ready!
  9. Fortune Cookie Day — 13th — I just snapped open a cookie and got this fortune: “You will drink lots of great-tasting tea.” Talk about self-fulfilling prophecy!
  10. National Cream-Filled Donut Day — 14th — Buy a dozen or two … or three (the third dozen is for me). Have a nice pot of black tea ready to wash them down.
  11. Clayton Moore’s Birthday — 14th — (Born in Chicago in 1914) Yes, it’s the Lone Ranger. Those of a certain age remember the TV series. And that he always had a cuppa tea at the end of each show. Okay, I might be wrong about that last part, but you can enjoy tea while watching episodes on DVD or online.
  12. Citizenship Day (Also known as Constitution Day) — 17th — Certainly something to celebrate!
  13. International Talk Like A Pirate Day — 19th — “Arrr! Where’s me parrot? Shiver me timbers, this peg leg is hurtin’ me somethin’ fierce. And this here hook needs adjustin’!” Yeah, I’m no Jack Sparrow, but good tea is like finding buried treasure!
  14. Miniature Golf Day — 21st — Through the windmill and into the clown’s mouth, down the shoot and into the cup, the white ball travels. Carry a travel mug of tea around the course with you. A quick swig before each putt will assure victory!
  15. Elephant Appreciation Day — 22nd — Some of the tastiest teas come from India and Africa, both home to elephants. Hm… there has to be a connection there somewhere. Ponder that while you sip your Indian or Kenyan tea.
  16. Great American Pot Pie Day — 23rd — One of the great comfort foods! Fabulous with a hearty tea like Assam or Keemun, maybe even Yunnan!
  17. First Toy Store Opened — 24th — Toys are wonderful. The toy store transitioned toys from being homemade or constructed in little Geppetto-like shops to mass-produced and therefore a more affordable “readily available item.” As a fan of toys, I think that’s worth a toast of the teacup!
  18. Will Smith’s Birthday — 25th — Born in 1965, he went from being the “Fresh Prince” to fighting aliens and mutant robots; then, he sat down to a nice tea time!
  19. Ask a Stupid Question Day — 28th — Why would anyone celebrate this? Oh, wait, was that a stupid question? Dang!
  20. Scotland Yard Formed in London in 1829 — 29th — Without it where would Sherlock Holmes have been? No detectives to make look foolish time and again with his superior detecting methods. Of course, Mrs. Hudson can claim some of the credit; she was always ready with the tea tray!

These should keep you busy during September and give you an opportunity to dig into the back of your tea cupboard or pantry for some of those more esoteric teas!

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