In the Leaves for September

Jasmine Dragon Tears green tea
Jasmine Dragon Tears green tea

So quickly we reach September and the end of Summer.  If your year is flying by as fast as mine, then predicting the future may feel a little redundant — just blink and it’s here. Still, having been given such awesome psychic gifts, it would be irresponsible of me not to use them. It’s always helpful to know what might be coming our way, so here are the insights I gained from this month’s cup of jasmine green tea.

The first symbols I found were a rocking horse, a lion, a table, and a butterfly. Horses are symbols of love and romance so a rocking horse could be childhood sweethearts, lions are influential friends, a table is a social gathering and butterflies are fickleness and loss of money. Now, we could take this to mean a cheating spouse and an expensive divorce, but this was an optimistic tasting tea so let’s look for a happier interpretation. If you find yourself invited to the same party as someone you’ve been admiring from afar for a while, then the host could be playing matchmaker. Expect success, but be warned that your crush may turn out to be a bit of a financial liability.

Magnifying GlassNext, I could make out a campfire, a saxophone, and a magnifying glass. Fire is achievement, the saxophone tells of a passionate affair with a musician, and the magnifying glass is a warning against exaggeration. Now, I’m not saying that all musicians like to brag, but the magnifying glass might be a warning that your new sweetheart isn’t quite the musical genius they believe they are. Think twice before helping to finance the tour.

Finally, in the bottom of the cup for September, I found a tree, a key, a balloon, a question mark, and a submarine with a periscope. The tree is change for the better, the key is new opportunities, and the balloon is short term difficulties. Combined with the question mark and the periscope, this means some very careful research from a safe vantage point is needed before you take advantage of new developments. Things with the musician will be fun while they last, but you’ll quickly get tired of driving the band around and will be ready to move on to someone slightly more solvent. Be careful not to just jump on the next potential suitor that comes along. The tea seems to recommend some careful observation before pursuing anything new.

Try to keep it below stalking level.

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