20 Reasons to Drink Tea in October

October is chock full of dates to commemorate, including the obvious: Halloween! It is a time of harvest and always seems to be the heart of Autumn. Time to make note of some of the special dates this month and how to appropriately celebrate them with tea!

But first, a few month-long observations: Computer Learning Month, International Drum Month, National Pizza Month, and Sarcastic Month — all good ones to toast with tea.

Plush Animal Lover’s Tea Time (see #18)

Plush Animal Lover’s Tea Time (see #18)
From left to right: Little Yellow Bunny, Randy the Reindeer, Hugbear, Plushybear, Bob the White Bunny, and Pete the Pound Baby

On to the daily events:

  1. Name Your Car Day — 2nd — “You can call me Ray and you can call me Jay…” uh, wait, that’s something else. How about “Herbie”? No, Disney already used that one. Hm… Some mulling is needed here, and what better to mull with than a cuppa tea!
  2. Do Something Nice Day — 5th — The nicest thing I can think to do for someone is to have him/her in for tea time. Plenty of cakes and finger sandwiches and a “bottomless” pot of tea shared over good and pleasant conversation.
  3. Mad Hatter Day — 6th — You crashed his tea party, so no wonder he’s mad! Next time, bring some cupcakes or a nice lemon meringue pie. He’ll be much happier to see you.
  4. American Bandstand (premiered in 1957) — 7th — And Dick Clark still doesn’t look a day older. He must drink lots of tea!
  5. Curious Events Day — 9th — Careful! Curiosity is what led Alice to fall down the rabbit hole. Go have some tea instead!
  6. National Angel Food Cake Day — 10th — Only for people who have been really good! And enjoy with some lovely tea.
  7. Moment of Frustration Day — 12th — Speaking of frustration, ever try to get a really tight lid off a tea tin only to have it suddenly pop off and tea bits going flying over counter and floor? Me neither.
  8. First Aerial Photo in US (taken from a balloon in Boston in 1860) — 13th — I wonder if the photographer could see his house from up there? Hope he had a thermos of tea along, too.
  9. Dictionary Day — 16th — How would we know what “egregious” means without dictionaries? I’ll toast that with tea!
  10. Wear Something Gaudy Day — 17th — Gaudy attire, like paisley, doesn’t show spills as much as more subtle attire. So, you can be a bit careless at tea time, and no one will know!
  11. Evaluate Your Life Day — 19th — Well, let’s see … hubby is baking scones, tea pantry is well-stocked … life is pretty darn good!
  12. Count Your Buttons Day — 21st — One, two, three … sip your tea … four, five, six … bite your bits … seven, eight, nine … tea time so fine! Dang, I lost count. Let’s see … one, two, three …
  13. Guggenheim Museum Opens — 21st — The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum of modern and contemporary art opened in New York City in 1959. Time to don the rollerskates!
  14. National Nut Day — 22nd — We’re talking about the kind you eat.
  15. National Bologna Day — 24th — This could mean the sandwich meat or it could mean “nonsense.” Either way, some tea will soothe your brain from trying to puzzle it out.
  16. National Denim Day — 25th — Wear a pair of jeans at tea time!
  17. National Tell a Story Day in Scotland and the U.K. — 27th — No fish stories here. Tell ’em about some great tea experience you’ve had.
  18. Plush Animal Lover’s Day — 28th — Hug ’em and squeeze ’em and line ’em up for tea time!
  19. National Frankenstein Day — 29th — Remember, Frankenstein was the monster’s creator, not the monster. One has to wonder what Mary Shelley had to eat before going to bed and dreaming up such a story as that. She should have had a soothing cuppa chamomile before bedtime to give her sweet “Morphean musings.”
  20. National Candy Corn Day — 30th — One of my fave candies. A handful here, a handful there… oops! all gone. A nice cuppa Scottish Breakfast tea will wash them all down.

These should keep you busy during October and give you an opportunity to dig into the back of your tea cupboard or pantry for some of those more esoteric teas!

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