10 Super Things to Toast with Tea in February

One month of the year down already! Amazing how fast time flies, especially for those of us busy learning about, enjoying, tasting, and writing about tea. Time for another round of fabulous things in life that deserve a lift of the teacup and a cheery “Salute!”

Celebrate Cherry Pie Day (February 12th)!
Celebrate Cherry Pie Day (February 12th)!

First, let’s forego the obvious, such as Groundhog’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and President’s Day, which are already given sufficient recognition. I’m also skipping over sad events like the plane crash in 1959 where Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper passed on (known as The Day the Music Died).

Let’s begin with a toast to any New Year’s resolutions you’re still keeping, such as your resolution to drink more tea. Clink! Now, on to the list.

  1. Wave All you Fingers at Your Neighbor DayFebruary 7th — Set your teacup down first, or a true disaster could ensue. It’s also a full moon day, so your tea time can go late into the evening with all of that wonderful moonlight.
  2. Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk DayFebruary 11th — A bit of milk spillage is just part of life, so there’s no need to raise a fuss over it. Unless, of course, it’s the last bit of milk in the house and you’re the type to add a bit of it into your tea. Then it’s an utter (or should I say “udder”?) catastrophe!
  3. Plum Pudding DayFebruary 12th — Little Jack Horner sat in a corner, stuck in his thumb and pulled out a plum… or some such thing! Anyway, plum pudding, typically a treat served during winter holidays, can be perfect anytime and makes a splendid tea time treat.
  4. National Battery DayFebruary 18th — Get your charge on with some high-voltage tea!
  5. Cherry Pie DayFebruary 20th — No need to chop down that cherry tree. Just pick those sweet cherries, bake ’em into a pie, and serve it up all warm and fruity at tea time. A hot cuppa Keemun tea might be a good accompaniment here.
  6. International Mother Language DayFebruary 21st — No, we’re not talking about the cooings you say to your newborn or the shout outs to young Johnny or Susie to come in for lunch. We are talking about the language you grew up speaking. So often it shapes us and how we see the world. Just be sure to include the language of tea in that lexicon!
  7. Walking the Dog DayFebruary 22nd — In addition to your normal implements for cleaning up whatever your lovely doggie leaves behind, take along a nice travel mug of tea.
  8. National Tortilla Chip DayFebruary 24th — You might want to serve your tea chilled or iced on this date to go with those chips and the super hot salsa they pair with so well.
  9. No Brainer DayFebruary 27th — Tea + hot water + teapot = a great cuppa tea! Total no brainer.
  10. Leap DayFebruary 29th — Don’t miss this once-in-four-years event, an extra day you can enjoy as you please, whether it be a special tea time, a wild tea party, or a cozy tea for two.

Don’t forget to toast birthdays and anniversaries of any of your loved ones and such events of major importance as the arrival of that latest order of teas. Get those teacups clinking. Salute!

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