Spruce Up Old Tea with Essential Oils

I decided to take the opportunity to revisit my tea cupboard and whilst there were some teas that had kept well despite years of storage (one of which I had written about in a previous post), there were other teas that were not as fortunate.

Green Tea and Essential Oils
Green Tea and Essential Oils

Having enjoyed a sample of Dragonwell green tea I went online and purchased some from the vendor.  Unfortunately, upon arrival, the tea had already faded in colour and in aroma.  I should really have informed the vendor, but as a typical Brit I don’t like to complain, preferring instead to keep it in the cupboard.  I couldn’t bear the thought of throwing away the tea despite the fact that it wasn’t at its best.

I looked at the faded tea and after several conversations with a Twitter friend of mine, we decided to spruce up the tea by adding essential oils.  We started by adding a quarter of a drop of peppermint oil to the dragonwell.  As I have had very little experience with essential oils, it was felt that one full drop might be too much for me to ingest hence the quarter drop (which we controlled through the use of a tooth pick).  The peppermint cut through the astringency of the green tea yet lifted the tea’s natural nutty sweetness.  The tea and oil blend was extremely pepperminty on the nose but didn’t come through in the taste of the tea.  It was an amazing combination.

We then decided to add a quarter of a drop of lemon essential oil and I felt like Violet Beauregarde (the girl who chews gum all day in Roald Dahl’s children’s books Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) as the taste of the Dragonwell was followed closely by the peppermint and the lemon came through on the taste right at the end.  One flavour didn’t overwhelm the other but were equally complimentary to each other: tea-licious!

So the next time you open up your tea cupboard and find some tea that is past its best, why not spruce up the tea with some essential oils? You may be amazed with your tea-search :o)

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5 thoughts on “Spruce Up Old Tea with Essential Oils

    1. Thanks for your comments, Krishna! With regards to teas often smelling better than the taste, it depends on where you buy the teas I guess. There’s a lot of great teas out there that smell as great as they taste. One just has to know where to look :o)

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