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Tea Moment — “Honey, I’m Home!”

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Dutch Gold Pure Clover Honey

From the Boston Tea Party to modern day tea shops and tea rooms, we enjoy our tea moments. Often, we enjoy those moments at home in front of the TV, so much so that you could say tea and TV are part of US culture.

In my early years, I watched shows where the wife did her “at home” stuff and hubby rode the commuter train to work. He would return home in the evening and walk in the front door, calling out cheerfully, “Honey, I’m home!” It used to seem so corny — after all, women were striving to be seen as more than housewives and to be taken seriously in the workplace. I was striving for this, too, and vigorously eschewed such cliché happenstances, pursuing instead a career. But then I got married.

Now, in case you’re thinking that I suddenly turned into a Stepford Wife, you would be badly mistaken. Quite the contrary, my career went better than ever, and hubby takes care of things around the house with a glad heart. He even feels somewhat miffed if I say, “Don’t bother with washing those pots and pans. I’ll take care of them.” You would think I had told him to go sleep in the dog house (which we don’t have, so that would be doubly uncomfortable for him).

Our circumstances have changed a bit with the economic times. I keep as busy as I can, working from home, while hubby is away at his part-time job. Keeping focused on my writing helps me not miss him too much, and when he’s home we spend as much time together as possible. I only go into what might seem “mushy affairs” to help in part explain why I no longer find the phrase “Honey, I’m home!” to be corny.

Here’s where the tea comes in:

I’m usually able to time the preparation of a fresh pot of tea so it’s ready at the right moment when hubby arrives home from his travails out there in the cold cruel world. That way he can have a nice cuppa as soon as possible and not have to wait. It’s a special tea moment for us both. We sip and I listen while he tells me of the events he’s been dealing with for the past eight hours. Then, I fill him in on my day’s excitement. By the time we’ve finished off the pot of tea, we’re all caught up and it’s feels as if we were never apart!

And that’s why “Honey, I’m home!” no longer seems corny to me!

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4 responses to “Tea Moment — “Honey, I’m Home!””

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  3. And those are the moments that I call “love.” Love is in no other moment so much as it is in those simple activities we return to each day, when we find each other again and it feels like home. It is in these mundane, yet absolutely delicious moments that we truly connect and build something. “Honey I’m Home!” is not about returning to a house; it is about returning to a soul mate.

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