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Really BIG Tea Mugs and Cups

If you’ve ever experienced empty teacup syndrome, you know the importance of a really BIG tea mug or cup. Some are big enough that, when they’re brimming with tea, you need two hands to bring them steadily to your lips — or you can leave yours sitting on the table or counter and sip from it there. Sluuuurp! These oversized beauties need “gulper” teas to fill them properly and have the flavor last to that final drop!

Over the years, hubby and I have collected mugs and cups of various sizes, as well as teapots of a range of capacities. Some of the mugs are bigger than some of the teapots, like this stoneware mug I bought at a Renaissance Faire from one of the craftspeople there:

My big mug is as big as Little Yellow Teapot!
My big mug is as big as Little Yellow Teapot!

This mug holds about 16 ounces of liquid. That’s enough tea to last through reading a couple of Jane Austen length chapters (a lot of modern novels have chapters that are only a few pages long — reading them is like watching one of those movies where the film cuts back and forth quickly from one camera angle to another).

Here are some of the portliest cups and mugs I came across as of the writing of this article:

  • Spode Geranium Oversized Tea Cup & Saucer — Generously sized at 5-1/2” across and 3-5/8” inches tall, this cup is not only classy but capacious and will last through several chapters of that book you’re reading.
Spode Geranium Oversized Tea Cup & Saucer
Spode Geranium Oversized Tea Cup & Saucer
  • Giant Tea Cup — Even more generously sized than the Spode cup above at 8-1/2” x 4-1/2”. Imagine a teacup where your donut can float and look as insignificant as a Cheerio. This cup holds so much tea that you could read Gone With the Wind twice and never suffer empty teacup syndrome.
Giant Tea Cup
Giant Tea Cup
  • Bubba Mugs — Travel mugs with capacities ranging from 24 ounces to 52 ounces (that’s 3 cups to 6-1/2 cups). You can run the Boston Marathon with one of these in hand and finish the race before you finish the tea.  

You can also grab one of those handled soup bowls and put it to use satisfying your tea need BIG time! You coffee drinkers probably already have oversized and larger-than-usual mugs and cups around. Lend ’em to that tea drinker so he/she can have an extra dose of CTC Assam, Ceylon Black, or even an Oolong. They’re especially great for chai lattés.

No need to skimp on your tea consumption or to run out in the middle of a paragraph. Just use one of those really BIG mugs or cups. Enjoy!

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5 responses to “Really BIG Tea Mugs and Cups”

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  3. they are so pretty

  4. I had to go back and look this entry up after you mentioned it in today’s post about the mini-mugs. http://englishtea.us/2012/03/19/really-small-teawares/

    I have “my buddy Bubba” that accompanies me to work every day. He’s a Bubba Keg of the 52 ounce variety. For convenience’s sake in the morning, I boil a pot of water, add a family size tea bag, and steep it for about 2 minutes – longer if I need more oomph to get me going.

    Bubba lasts me almost to lunch time. Because of the thermal lining, the tea stays warm to the last drop.

    Just as people come in all sizes, so do cuppas.

    Thanks for sharing about some of the different wares.

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